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Behind The Scenes

Sunday May 20 2018 Category by Marwa Saadawi

Some behind the scenes footage of our latest line: "The Ultra Line" 

"The Ultra Line is an ode to the simpler side of big city living. Sifting through the chaos to return to the root of what jewelry is all about, exuding a sense of elegance and making a woman feel beautiful. The Ultra Line is inspired by subtle movement, with modular arrangements in specific pieces that allow for endless variations of self-expression." – Indira’s latest creations aim to compliment the line's minimal appeal is an effort that leaves room for the jewelry to stand out without clutter.





Radical Official Online Magazine Feature

Sunday May 20 2018 by Marwa Saadawi

The earrings of life

Thursday Oct 12 2017 by Marwa Saadawi