The B A B Capsule Collection is a collaboration between Karim El Assal, leading architect at Segments Architects and Marwa Saadawi, creative director of Indira Jewelry. The collaboration unfolded for the first ever Jewelry edition hosted by Mobilia in the heart of Cairo.


This collaboration draws on the interplay of historical and contemporary architecture inspired by Cairo, Egypt. The Gates of Cairo, built in medieval times, were a portal into the new city of Cairo, serving as the theme for the capsule collection between Karim and Indira Jewelry. 


About Karim El Assal

Karim El Assal, a leading name in architecture and interior design, is the Co-Founder and Managing Principal of SEGMENTS Architecture founded in 2008, in Cairo, Egypt. With over 15 years of experience, Karim has a strong background in architecture, landscape, interior design, mixed-use, Renovation, F&B, and Residential sectors.