Indira Jewelry was founded in 2014 by Egyptian-American, Marwa Saadawi. Marwa was exposed to the arts from a young age, taking courses in oil painting, woodwork, clay molding and beading. She spent her childhood summers in her ancestral homeland in Egypt, experiencing and learning about the country’s rich and long history in architecture, fashion and jewelry.
She spent countless hours alongside her mother, sister and aunts exploring the bazaars in Egypt, and discovering local jewelry designers and silversmiths.
During her college-graduation backpacking trip to Southeast Asia, Marwa decided to turn a lifelong passion and intrinsic eye for good quality jewelry into a business.
Impressed by the local artisans in Southeast Asia, Marwa was reminded of her rich traditions and resources in her ancestral country – Egypt.
Marwa and her team at Indira Jewelry are now focused on reviving that special relationship between jewelers and customers by creating timeless and quality pieces that are functional and can be worn on a regular basis.
Marwa is molding the label into the real lives of women – promoting confidence, self-expression, charity, and celebration.