Our Story

Indira Jewelry is a fine jewelry brand based in Cairo, Egypt that is reviving the craftsmanship of silvermaking in Egypt, mixing traditional and modern production techniques to produce high-quality, affordable jewelry that can be worn daily.

When Indira founder, Marwa Saadawi, began an apprenticeship in the medieval jewelry quarter in Old Cairo in her 20s, she rediscovered an old tradition of designing jewelry that is unique, long-lasting and functional that could be passed down for generations.

However, jewelry was not easily accessible or designed for young professionals and consumers, like herself. The contemporary jewelry market was either too expensive or fast fashion brands that were wasteful, using low-quality materials and were cheap.

Marwa set out to create an international luxury brand for young professionals, while revitalizing and professionalizing the jewelry industry in Egypt.

And so Indira Jewelry was born in 2017.

Indira Jewelry is sold online and in boutiques worldwide and has designed an online process that makes it easy to access unique, well-designed, and eco-friendly jewelry.

Indira designs use materials that come from the Earth - mainly sterling silver, gold, mother of pearl, abalone shell, and raw turquoise. Indira’s unique designs creates modular jewelry pieces that are durable, beautiful, and make an individual stand out. focuses on reviving the craftsmanship and silver industry in Egypt by working exclusively with local production facilities, employing local talent, and is moving towards sustainable production in fashion by designing pieces that are modular, long-lasting and close to zero-waste.

  • Made from wood, and remaining materials from jewelry
  • No plastic or wasteful packaging
  • Multipurpose; use it for storage; travel accessory; or décor
  • Packaging comes in boxes and pouches

Indira Jewelry continues to improve our supply chain and production process to maintain high standards, protect the environment, and reduce waste. If you have ideas on how to improve, do reach out to us.

Marwa’s goal is to create jewelry that is everlasting and timeless – to be handed down generation to generation.